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Have you decided or are planning on purchasing a car? If you are thinking of buying a car for leasing, you can definitely do it with Us! AutoCapital cooperates with the largest and all well-known car leasing companies in Latvia, thus we are able to help and find a financial solution for the purchase of a car for various people’s financial situations. Completing the application, you will be contacted by our Customer Service who will help you to find a solution for your interests. Importantly, your old car can serve as part of the deposit for the new car!

Diemžēl izgūt jūsu bankas izrakstu neizdevās. To var nosūtīt uz vai mēģinot līzingam pieteikties atkārtoti.

Paldies! Jūsu līzinga pieteikums un bankas izraksts ir saņemts.



Tested and prepared cars.

Apply for car leasing and choose any car or choose a car from our car assortment.

Own consultant and everything simple.

Car leasing is an important decision so apply for a car leasing from Us and We will provide you with car leasing consultant and help you find the best solution for buying a car.

Quick and easy.

Everything is quick and easy. Fill the application form buy a car without the first deposit and drive on a new own car already today!


Autocapital Plus sadarbībā ar lielākajām kompānijām piedāvā ātri un ērti izskatīt tava auto iegādes finansēšanu. Viss, kas mums ir nepieciešams ir tava konta izraksts par pēdējiem 6 mēnešiem.

Konta izrakstu vari iesūtīt mums uz vai automātiski to iesniegt vari šeit, izvēloties savu banku.

1. Izvēlies savu banku